Serve through Giving

At Wesley UMC Greenville, members and donors like you support this church through our Prayers, Presence, Gifts and Service. The outreach and ministries of this church depend on good people like you investing their time, talents and financial gifts to this church.

Through your generous support this church is able to accomplish the following and much more!

  • We mentor our Children and Youth to be future Christian leaders by teaching them how to love like Jesus.
  • We take care of the poor in our community by supporting the local Food Pantry.
  • We create meaningful worship experiences each week so that people may come to know and grow in their relationship with Jesus.
  • We create jobs / employ a staff that allows us to be efficient and dedicated to all of the above and more.
  • We support our community by paying the real estate and utilities so that countless non-church groups can use our facilities for all types of meetings at little to no cost.

We are much appreciative for the special giving to our own Wesley missions:

  • Youth Mission Trip
  • God’s MOB
  • Good Samaritan Fund
  • Chancel Choir
  • Pumpkin Patch
  • United Methodist Women
  • General Building
  • What If Building

We appreciate your generous gifts!

Online Giving Agreement

When donating to Wesley UMC Greenville, you acknowledge that:

  • Wesley United Methodist Church Greenville is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization as a recognized congregation of The United Methodist Church.
  • Wesley UMC Greenville did not provide any goods or services to you, in consideration, in whole or in part, for your donation, other than the provision of intangible religious benefits.
  • Your donation to Wesley UMC Greenville becomes the property of Wesley UMC Greenville and Wesley UMC Greenville has ultimate control, authority and discretion with regard to contributions it receives.

Check or Money Order

If mailing, please send your gifts to:

Wesley United Methodist Church Greenville
P.O. Box 864
Greenville, TX 75403

Credit Card

You may also call (903) 455-1594 with your credit card donation or donate online with our Donate button below.

Online Donation

You can donate online through SecureGive by clicking the button below. Thank you for your generosity in supporting this Church!