Serve Community

Serve the Community

We seek to bring Christ’s love and care to persons with a wide variety of needs. We are serious about Jesus’ words to “love our neighbor as ourselves.” Our neighbors are far and near. Some look like us, but most don’t. And while some can make their lives better with a hand-up, others need much more.

So, we try to meet our neighbors where they are and give them more than just a kind word. We do what we are called to do by the teachings of Jesus who encouraged his disciples to feed the hungry, clothe those who are without, give water to the thirsty, welcome the stranger, visit those who are sick or even in prison because it is in those persons that we meet Jesus.

Our mission often involves partnering with existing organizations both at home and abroad. Through these partnerships we receive opportunity for “hands on” serving as well as heart-felt giving.

Mission Organizations

Carver Elementary Volunteer Partner

The volunteers that work with Carver Elementary School assist with various special days throughout the school year. If you’d like to help in a one time effort, please indicate that in the volunteer form below.

Volunteer Form

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