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pumpkins Pumpkin Unloading Party Update - Sunday afternoon, September 22nd, on the south lawn, I found myself surrounded by the best of people. What started with great weather and excitement turned to long hours and hard work. We have never unloaded this many pumpkins, just over 6,000. Why do we do it? Why do we put ourselves through the back wrenching pain of unloading over 60,000… Read More
Pastor's Blog The Yost Post: September 12, 2019 - “Where Were You When...?” As I write this, September 11, 2019, remembrances are underway. The question I hear repeated each year, “Where were you when you heard the news?” That day, its events, and our experience of it are indelibly set into our deep memory. All of us continue to mourn that day at varying depths. I offer to you… Read More
Pastor's Blog The Yost Post: August 28, 2019 - Nutrition for the Soul Jack Dodd was a dedicated follower of Christ and member of a church I served early in my ministry. Jack was a sailor for Uncle Sam, built dams around the world, and had a lifetime of accomplishments well into his very busy retirement. One day, he drove me around his purple hull pea crops in his… Read More
Pastor's Blog The Yost Post: August 14, 2019 - I am so excited for this back to school and fall season at Wesley! We are kicking off our back to school season, creating new Christian Education opportunities for all ages, the Onward Campaign will soon crescendo and conclude, Pre School and Parent’s Day Out is beginning, then the fall activities Wesley is known for countywide begin. You get the… Read More
Pastor's Blog The Yost Post: July 24, 2019 - My vacation time is coming to a close. We miss our Wesley family. but our family time has been wonderful. And WOW, have you been following all the great stuff that is happening at Wesley? Just today, I was texted VBS pics. The kids are having a great time. I cannot wait to hear more about everything when I get… Read More
sailboat The Yost Post: June 26, 2019 - Recreation: a concept associated with fun, sports leagues, fishing, biking, hunting, hobbies... you know, recreational activities. If we were to ask one another what kind of recreation we enjoyed, we would normally defer to an activity we do. The idea is: when I do “x,” I feel rested and refreshed. Two things I want to offer to you this week… Read More
The Yost Post The Yost Post: June 13, 2019 - It’s summertime. I pray our Lord Jesus guides you through a season with simple times and soulful memories as God’s Grace become yours. I’ve noticed something over the last few years: we very rarely realize while we are having seasons of simple joy, God’s presence on display, memory making that this is indeed something to remember. Having been with hundreds… Read More
2019 Annual Conference The Yost Post: May 29, 2019 - 2019 North Texas Annual Conference June 2 - 4, 2019 The theme for the 2019 North Texas Annual Conference is “Create!” In the beginning, when there was nothing but chaos, the voice of our Creator God cut through the darkness and brought forth light. When Abram had settled for a life in Haran, our Covenant God called him out of… Read More
Pastor's Blog The Yost Post: April 3, 2019 - “And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:7 I was reading my devotional yesterday, which primarily centered upon how we seek and find peace in our lives. I realized how often I can let myself be distracted by some version of peace other than God’s peace. It seems… Read More
Pastor's Blog The Yost Post: February 14, 2019 - Psalm 148 I cherish being outside in the midst of nature, along flowing water, hills, mountains, animals, beautiful blue winter skies and even hazy gray days — I simply feel as though there is a chorus of God’s handiwork singing and I get to have a part in it all. Psalm 148 captures this feeling so well, “Praise him (God),… Read More