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sailboat The Yost Post: June 26, 2019- Recreation: a concept associated with fun, sports leagues, fishing, biking, hunting, hobbies... you know, recreational activities. If we were to ask one another what kind of recreation we enjoyed, we would normally defer to an activity we do. The idea is: when I do “x,” I feel rested and refreshed. Two things I want to offer to you this week… Read More
The Yost Post The Yost Post: June 13, 2019- It’s summertime. I pray our Lord Jesus guides you through a season with simple times and soulful memories as God’s Grace become yours. I’ve noticed something over the last few years: we very rarely realize while we are having seasons of simple joy, God’s presence on display, memory making that this is indeed something to remember. Having been with hundreds… Read More
2019 Annual Conference The Yost Post: May 29, 2019- 2019 North Texas Annual Conference June 2 - 4, 2019 The theme for the 2019 North Texas Annual Conference is “Create!” In the beginning, when there was nothing but chaos, the voice of our Creator God cut through the darkness and brought forth light. When Abram had settled for a life in Haran, our Covenant God called him out of… Read More
Pastor's Blog The Yost Post: April 3, 2019- “And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:7 I was reading my devotional yesterday, which primarily centered upon how we seek and find peace in our lives. I realized how often I can let myself be distracted by some version of peace other than God’s peace. It seems… Read More
Pastor's Blog The Yost Post: February 14, 2019- Psalm 148 I cherish being outside in the midst of nature, along flowing water, hills, mountains, animals, beautiful blue winter skies and even hazy gray days — I simply feel as though there is a chorus of God’s handiwork singing and I get to have a part in it all. Psalm 148 captures this feeling so well, “Praise him (God),… Read More
Pastor's Blog The Yost Post: January 31, 2019- When was the last time you started something new? I’m not talking about a new Netflix series. I’m talking really entered into something new: a new town, perhaps joined the church, a new class, new employment or friendship? What was that like for you? Excitement, curiosity, danger, elation, nervous... the range of our human emotions seem endless. As a church,… Read More
Pastor's Blog The Yost Post: January 16, 2019- Thank you ... ... for completing our survey ... for making Christmas amazing! ... for Advent outreach 2018 is over and 2019 has sped in fast and hasn’t slowed down! I have a few different items to share this week. We had more than 90 people take time to participate in the survey for our Preliminary Case statement last month for the… Read More
Pastor's Blog The Yost Post: December 7, 2018- O Little Town of Bethlehem The first section of this may be a little deep, so heads up and put on some hip waders... stick with me though. I hope to help us see the Advent and Christmas story from a fresh perspective. Enjoy! The hymn “O Little Town of Bethlehem” presents a contrast of common life imagined for the… Read More
Pastor's Blog The Yost Post: November 15, 2018- Make Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World Bishop McKee was at Wesley on Sunday evening to meet with our East District churches. Wesley, we did an amazing ministry hosting, with approximately 25 people volunteering to greet, usher, provide refreshments, and serve Communion. A particular word of thanks to our Board Chair Pete Haayen for rallying everyone… Read More
candlelight Christmas Candlelight Concert: November 29, 2018- Candlelight Concert Featuring Dr. Brock Johnson Thursday, November 29, 2018 Texas A&M University-Commerce 2200 Campbell St Commerce, TX 75428 Join the JOY group for dinner and music on Thursday, November 29, 2018. We will have dinner at Luigi’s Italian Cafe followed by a Christmas Candlelight Concert at Texas A&M University-Commerce featuring Dr. Brock Johnson. Order from limited menu ($10-20 per person).… Read More