The Yost Post: January 9, 2020

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I have heard significantly less about New Year’s resolutions this year than any year I can remember. It could be I am just not listening as much. My hunch is we are not talking about resolutions because we are not considering making changes in our lives this year. As the holidays were approaching, I heard countless people call for a cease in conflict on social media and around family tables. People have felt pressure on all fronts with politics leading the way as an area we just need a break from for a few days. Many outside and yet influential parts of our society seem outside our control. Stress does that to us as individuals and as a society. Stress robs us of the precious moments we need to imagine a different reality than the one we are struggling to survive in. It would make sense with so many people … Read More

The Yost Post: December 19, 2019

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“And the Word became flesh and lived among us…” John 1:14a This is the reason for the season. Scores of books have been written concerning this one line. I have preached on it many times. The foundation of “why Jesus matters?” is wrapped up in this one concept. The Logos — the rationality of God, the mind of God, the cognition of God — this is what became flesh and dwelt among us. In the universal heart of humanity we have asked if there is a God and if so, what is that God like? The Christmas story proclaims loudly, “If you want to see the fullness of God, in the most complete way any human could possibly understand, you need to know Jesus Christ.” If you want to know what God thinks about life, see Jesus. How should we treat others? See Jesus. How should our leaders conduct themselves? … Read More

The Yost Post: December 4, 2019

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I have heard from many of you it has been difficult to get your minds wrapped around how quickly Advent arrived and the approach of Christmas this year. I can say at the Yosterosa we are experiencing a similar phenomenon. I don’t know if it is the slapshot/rapid move from Thanksgiving to Advent or if life is just jamming along so fast we can hardly keep up. I suppose it is a little bit of both. I thought we could take an intentional few moments in this newsletter article to get our hearts, minds, and souls jumpstarted into the season of preparation for the arrival of the Christ child. I invite you to read these following questions with a few moments pause to consider each question. Perhaps read and prayerfully consider each question for 10-20 seconds. Do you have memories of Christmas’ past which really stick out in your memory? … Read More

The Yost Post: November 20, 2019

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“Thanksgiving in All Circumstances” “Do not worry about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:6-7 Do you have a passage of scripture you go to regularly? The kind which you have read maybe a hundred times or more which still speaks to you? This passage is one which does that for me. There are times it speaks words of comfort when worry seems like an inescapable shadow. It harkens to the intention of God to bring continual peace into the lives of God’s children. Paul’s words also drives me to the deep place of prayer in everything. The challenging portion of the verse comes to me when we are called to have thanksgiving be a part of every … Read More

Pumpkin Unloading Party Update


Sunday afternoon, September 22nd, on the south lawn, I found myself surrounded by the best of people. What started with great weather and excitement turned to long hours and hard work. We have never unloaded this many pumpkins, just over 6,000. Why do we do it? Why do we put ourselves through the back wrenching pain of unloading over 60,000 pounds of pumpkins and gourds? Why do we build mazes, set up a bounce house, create special Saturday events and staff over 300 hours? Because that is the kind of church and that is the kind of people we are. We know that people in our community look forward to the Wesley Pumpkin Patch. When summer has beat us down and we are hoping for the cool snap of fall, the pumpkins at Wesley Church gives hope for a changing season. We provide a safe wonderful place for families to … Read More

The Yost Post: September 12, 2019

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“Where Were You When…?” As I write this, September 11, 2019, remembrances are underway. The question I hear repeated each year, “Where were you when you heard the news?” That day, its events, and our experience of it are indelibly set into our deep memory. All of us continue to mourn that day at varying depths. I offer to you that in that question, “Where were you when…?” is the answer to our grief. I say that not because rehashing the memory is unto itself healing. I say that because in the Bible, we see that question being asked in the face of suffering. In Job 38:4, God asked of Job, “Where were you when…?” You see Job had endured tremendous suffering on an unimaginable scale for the ancient world. His friends came and sat silently with him for a week and offered great comfort in doing so. Then they … Read More

The Yost Post: August 28, 2019

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Nutrition for the Soul Jack Dodd was a dedicated follower of Christ and member of a church I served early in my ministry. Jack was a sailor for Uncle Sam, built dams around the world, and had a lifetime of accomplishments well into his very busy retirement. One day, he drove me around his purple hull pea crops in his “farm golf cart.” As we bounced along, he shared with me his understanding of the church (particularly worship) as a lifelong layman in the Methodist tradition. “You know, preacher, I can’t recall every meal Ann (his wife) has made for me. There are a few meals I remember being particularly good and some things I ask for because I really like them. Early on, there were a few extra crispy meals I pretended were creole blackened but were really burnt and some which may have been bland. But you know … Read More

The Yost Post: August 14, 2019

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I am so excited for this back to school and fall season at Wesley! We are kicking off our back to school season, creating new Christian Education opportunities for all ages, the Onward Campaign will soon crescendo and conclude, Pre School and Parent’s Day Out is beginning, then the fall activities Wesley is known for countywide begin. You get the picture. Be on the lookout for new learning experiences for Children, Youth, and Adults on Sunday mornings. We are adding another Sunday morning learning hour beginning in October to serve our 9:17 worship community. We will also be greatly expanding our learning opportunities throughout the week with a women’s book study, Disciple Bible Study, Bible 101, and Methodism 101. Signups begin this weekend online or in person at the welcome desks. Our worship and sermon line up for the fall and Advent have me excited too. Beginning in September, we … Read More

The Yost Post: July 24, 2019

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My vacation time is coming to a close. We miss our Wesley family. but our family time has been wonderful. And WOW, have you been following all the great stuff that is happening at Wesley? Just today, I was texted VBS pics. The kids are having a great time. I cannot wait to hear more about everything when I get back. Enjoy the rest of July! I’ll be back soon. Pastor Chris

The Yost Post: June 26, 2019


Recreation: a concept associated with fun, sports leagues, fishing, biking, hunting, hobbies… you know, recreational activities. If we were to ask one another what kind of recreation we enjoyed, we would normally defer to an activity we do. The idea is: when I do “x,” I feel rested and refreshed. Two things I want to offer to you this week as I prepare to have some “recreation time” with my family and friends. The word recreation is not a phrase coined by the boating and tourism industry. The root of the word implies something far more important. According to “Re-” is a borrowed prefix from Latin, and it adds meaning to words to imply “again” or “again and again” to mean repetition. Re- may also imply “back.” Creation — as Christians, we understand the ongoing work of God to make new, to bring forth life, also associated with the … Read More