Youth Connections: September 16, 2020

God Moment

Keeping Our Eyes and Hearts Open to See God’s Presence Among Us

Wesley youth, oh how proud I am of you. You continually work to understand how God desires us and this world to be. You work to share God’s love in this broken world.

Led by a few dedicated youth parents, some who remember how important youth ministry was for their children and many of our Wesley Youth leaders, together made a wonderful impact on a local family. The family was in need of a safe wheelchair ramp for their child as the current ramp was not structurally secure. Not only was our group able to bless a family struggling with many heartbreaks and challenges this year, but in turn, they were blessed well beyond hammers and drills.

Our youth and adults sadly missed going on mission trip this year, but experienced a little bit of that unexplainable JOY last weekend! Life-changing experiences… some of what the world around us needs right now!

Huge thank you to Heath Madsen, Tim Norman, Christine Weeks, Brad Moore, Liz Norman, and David and Donna Davis for your time, love, and support.


The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it. John 1:5