Youth Connections Ministry to Build a Home Ramp

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God Moment

Keeping Our Eyes and Hearts Open to See God’s Presence Among Us

As the August 26 newsletter was about to go to print, Pastor Jeff received a call asking for help. While Jeff knew the person on the other end was asking for help, to him, this call was a blessing.

A family in Caddo Mills recently constructed a wheelchair ramp to allow home access for their disabled high school-aged son. The family used what they could find during these challenging times. While their effort and intention are heartfelt, the ramp is not safe. The ramp is built from particle board, has no side rails, and lacks structural support. Within the next two weeks, Jeff and the Youth Connections Ministry will build this family a new 38-foot ramp. Ramp building has been part of Wesley’s mission trips for many years. With this outreach history, the family can rest in knowing that this new ramp will be built from experience, strength, and love.

Ramp cost will be approximately $3,500. Donations are much appreciated to help offset the cost. If you would like to help, please note Wesley Youth Mission Fund on your donations. For more information, feel free to contact Jeff at 903-461-8730.