Youth Connection Update: March 31, 2020


We are ALIVE & WELL! How are the changes in our daily structure affecting the YOUTH?

Interestingly, our Youth are in a pretty good place. They are more connected to their friends via the social media platforms than probably any other age group. Most students have chatted, FaceTimed, Instagrammed, tweeted, or Snapchatted with more friends before lunch than we do all day. And remember, most of them are getting out of bed around 11:00 a.m.

Our kids are settling in to the new home school norm. Most Youth have assignments from their teachers that are due each day. However, all of them will tell you the work load is at least less time consuming than being in class.

There was a funny meme or story on Facebook I saw this week, “Our children, when asked about the COVID19 virus by their children, will likely reply something like this: ‘I don’t remember much of the virus. I remember getting a lot of time off school. I remember doing school work from home. I remember spending a lot of time outside around the house. I remember a lot more family time including meal at the table and games. The COVID19 virus as I remember it was kind of nice.’”

There is one place I think is a challenge for our Youth and that is their spiritual connection and growth. There are things we are doing at Wesley to help keep this connection ALIVE & WELL! We have created 7 small groups. These groups currently meet every Sunday night at 7:00 p.m. They meet in the comfort of their homes via Facetime or Zoom. Each week, a different student in the group is considered “the leader” and delivers the message along with questions and answer time.

It has been very effective already. Last week we had more than 90% participation. If you don’t already know let me explain, THAT IS HUGE!

How can you help? I and Wesley Youth would like to invite you to pray for the small group meetings. Specifically we ask that you pray at 7:00 p.m. for God’s Presence, Grace, and Hope to arrive at each student’s heart through these meetings.

Stay Well and Much Love,