The Yost Post: September 16, 2020

Pastor's Blog

Today I wanted to share a word about our departed sojourner Rev. Gene Wisdom and then share word or two of encouragement.

The legacy we leave behind is very rarely made up of any one large, big, home run decision or action we take. The home run moments are easy to point to and give a good story. However, the real good stuff in life seems to accumulate in our day in and day out lives. The morning of Rev. Gene’s homegoing, his son-in-law Red stopped in at the church building with Jenny and his two children. Gene was Gene-Bean to them. Red having received the call around Rockwall, knew they were passing by Wesley and asked if they could mask up and come in for a few moments to reflect. Absolutely, I said. They just wanted to walk the halls where Gene served. We went into the sanctuary to be where Gene had preached. Red and Gene-Bean’s kiddos wanted to touch the “Wisdom Tree,” which Elaine Yznaga and Gene (along with others) had created. I cannot tell you solemn joy it gave me to take a few pictures for them. If it were my grandbabies, how would I hope they would be welcomed on a day such as that? I had that precious moment to convey the honor, gratitude, and love we all (both Wesley UMC and a clergy member) had to share with Gene’s loved ones. Somewhere in there I recognized how it really is in the common service, the common daily life that Gene lived among us, that they were reaching out to touch the most. What is your legacy? If you could not simply point to university degrees, nor to titles, nor bank accounts: what would be the legacy your loved ones would revisit to connect with you? God has many weeks ago granted perpetual light to our departed Gene, yet it just feels right to say, “God, grant your perpetual light to Gene and help us to live out our days in faith and service such that we will join him in the great feast of your kingdom.”

I also wanted to say keep up the work of perseverance to make it through this trying time. I believe we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel… and it is not a freight train! In all seriousness, while I do not see COVID-19 being gone from our lives anytime soon, I do see our communal ability to adapt and take smart steps to limit its effects as encouraging. Keep up the good work!

If you have not heard someone say it lately, hear these words: “I love you.” I agape you not for your accomplishments or your defeats, I love you because that is what God did for me. I just love you because you are a human being made in the image of God.

In Christ,
Chris Yost

Be Good to One Another

I wonder if we may, for a day
Just be good to one another.
Doubts and dreads about our neighbor,
Let’s park them in tomorrow.
Surely the person I walk past is just trying to get by.
They do not will me harm or pain or sorrow.

Voices of alarm surround my face, my eyes, my ears
If I do not take a break my heart will soon believe it!
So today I will take the risk that you are not the enemy
Creeping into my life. For today I choose to believe you and your intentions
Reflect the sacredness of our shared humanity.

My judgments for others are harsh expressions of the pain I carry inside.
So today, as I am good to you, I will try it for me. If the shoe fits…

For today I am trying to do good for that stranger
Without worry of being taken advantage of, nor with measure
That smile I will choose to see with joy, not suspect.
Yes, that smile is a glimpse of their heart’s treasure, and now a coin goes
with me in

I don’t know why each day is filled with contempt
Manufactured enemies are potentially everywhere on other days
But not for today. Not pundit nor pontificator can stir within me
Contempt for my fellow humanity today.
For today, now, I see you as my sister and brother.
May we be good to one other today?

With Love to my fellow sojourners,
Chris Yost