The Yost Post: March 12, 2020

Pastor's Blog

Stay Focused

There are many things which regularly compete for our attention. Fun or novel experiences may be a welcome break from our routines. Some distractions break our concentration and lead to frustration. Still other distractions, day in and day out, lead to lives which do not go where we intended to go. Today I wanted to write about keeping our focus on the right stuff in life. Keeping our focus upon God’s call in the midst of everything else competing for our attention.

I believe staying focused is uniquely challenging when much is outside of our control and chaotic. As I write this, financial markets are all over the place and there is uncertainly of COVID-19 threats. People are asking questions about travel and jobs, schools closures and quarantines. Wow, if that is all which held our focus and attention, we’d be frazzled to no end. I challenge us to use this time as an opportunity to learn more about God, ourselves, and to re-establish our priorities in life. If you can learn to keep your attention focused on Christ in the seemingly chaotic times, imagine how ahead of the curve you will be keeping Christ as your focus in non-chaotic times!

I knew a highly competitive figure skater at a church I served. I am one of those people who cannot ride the tea cups… roundy roundy is bad for me. I asked her how she kept from getting dizzy or sick when she did all the whirls and spins on the ice. She explained the trick was to keep your eyes focused on one point. If she was looking up during a spin, she would see one light or one object. While everything else swirled dizzingly past, that one object proved to be her constant anchor point. Or if she were spinning around looking ahead, she would crane her neck to stay focused on an object and whip her head quickly to regain focus upon that object. She explained to me that if she had stayed focused upon everything else whirling by, she too would be sick and unable to compete. Yet by choosing a constant focus in her routine, she could spin and whirl as much as needed without losing her balance or getting dizzy.

When I think of our walk in the chaos of life, if we pay attention only to all that which is spinning and whirling by, we too loose our way or get dizzy. Yet, but focusing upon Christ, we can do everything without getting lost. Colossians 3:17 “And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.” If you are struggling with keeping your focus right now, I offer you this passage to pray through. Ask, “what would God have to do in my life to make this passage a reality for me today?” and then as the Lord leads, just follow, stay focused on where Christ leads and you’ll be surprised with how the rest just doesn’t affect you as it otherwise may have.

In Christ,
Chris Yost