The Yost Post: June 24, 2020

Pastor's Blog

What Can I Promise You?

Last fall, JB McNatt and I met in my office. He naturally was heading out to work at the ranch, but stopped by to ask me what I thought the Church (Wesley) would be like in 50 or 100 years. (JB has seen this church through about that long.) I could not give him many exact answers. Now 8 months later, I am glad I didn’t, who would ever thought this is where we’d be. After a while, in the way God does answer us, I blurted out, “JB, faithful. What will Wesley be in 50 or 100 years? Wesley will be faithful.” It may not have been the full answer he was looking for, nor was it one I hoped to give. Yet, we looked at each other and realized by that time we’ll both be “fans in the stands” of heaven cheering folks on. We agreed this church would be faithful to served Jesus Christ, the community, and each other.

That conversation has meant more to me in the past three months than any other I have had in recent memories. The echo of God’s message to us was not one of smooth sailing, easy, simple, etc. It was a reminder, by seeking the hand of Jesus Christ, we are going to live faithfully and pass along a church which values that faithfulness. “How?” has been my daily, hourly, and even minute by minute question/prayer I take the Lord. Again, I was looking for some pretty specific answers, and the echo back is: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, strength and mind… love your neighbor as yourself.” It seems God is focused on our “why’s” when we are asking “how/what” questions.

Folks, I do not know exactly how each day will progress. I do know by trusting the One who saves us daily, walking by faith and truth, we will sow seeds of faithfulness even in difficult times like these. I want to encourage you, with each decision you make, to use the tools of our faith to guide you.

Maybe ask a few questions like these will help us:

  • Does this reflect the Love of God with all my heart, soul, strength, and mind?
  • Does this reflect Christ’s call to love my neighbor as myself? (if you have to ask, “who is my neighbor” please re-read Luke 10:25-37 in its entirety)

As Christians in the Methodist tradition we are also guided to “Do no harm, Do all the good you can, Stay in Love with God (attend unto God).”

When we do not know exactly what the faithful answer is, if we make the method of discernment faithful, it tends to yield faithful results. And that is something I can promise you we will be in all of this: faithful.

God be with you all!

In Christ,
Chris Yost