Children’s Ministry Update: March 31, 2020

Things have changed for all of us with the COVID-19 pandemic. Yes, you may not be able to leave your house. Yes, the kids may be pulling on you every minute of the day. But guess what? God has given us the gift of each day to do something to make it special and unique. We can choose to find something new to do. It can be simple.

Read a new book… or have mom and dad read one to you!

Play a new game… Go Fish? Kings in the Corner? Checkers?

Take a walk outside… look for a four leaf clover and then send Ms. Leslie a picture of it!

FaceTime with a friend… Ms. Leslie has FaceTime. Give her a ring.

Read a Bible story… read about David & Goliath, Daniel and the Lion’s Den or Jonah and the Whale.

Make a fun snack together… and as you make it pretend you’re on a cooking show.

Spend time being artistic… draw a picture and mail it to one of the nursing homes.

Make a card and mail it to someone… when they receive it, they will SMILE.

Have a dance party… to your favorite VBS tunes!

We can do this… together! Remember, Jesus loves you and so do I! Facebook and YouTube pages for the Children’s Ministry have been set up. Tell your Dad & Mom, grandparents, and friends to follow us to see all the neat stuff we are doing to stay connected. Find us at Wesley UMC Greenville Children’s Ministry.

Ms. Leslie