August 2020 Bless the Bowl Update

cereal boxes

JOY Group August Mission

Wesley’s JOY Group hosted a weekly drive-thru food drive on Tuesday mornings of the month of August. This collection focused on filling the area food pantries with breakfast items to help feed the children as they go back to school. Members of the JOY Group (JOYsters) volunteered to help unload donations from the cars, provide a little fellowship, and do what Wesley does best, show love.

On the first Tuesday, 66 boxes of cereal were donated. The following Tuesday, 99 boxes. The JOY Group believed they would collect 100 boxes the third week and yup, we collected 154. After the third week, the bar was set high to GO BIG and close out the mission strong. The fourth and final week’s goal was 200 boxes. That goal was smashed when the volunteers loaded up the goods and 292 boxes of cereal were counted! What a great way to express that Love Never Fails! 611 boxes of cereal, in addition to other non-perishable foods items, were donated to FISH here in Greenville (1st & 4th week) and the Quinlan Food Pantry (2nd & 3rd week).

Wesley family, thank for making this mission a success. To say that your generosity is appreciated is an under statement. It is wonderful to see that even during times of uncertainity, discipleship can and will be in action.

Special thanks to the JOYsters (Mary Lou Holley, Nancy Gambrell, Donna Perkins, Chris Milton, Barbara Morton, Sharon Kroncke, John Armstrong, Dick Fox, Mary Lynn Patterson, Bud & Carol Clayton, Charlie & Sharon Smith, Glover & Debbie George, and Todd & Kathy Raetz) for toughing out the Texas heat during the collection hours and keeping count of the cereal. Your help is greatly appreciated.

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it. John 1:5