The Yost Post: December 19, 2019

Pastor's Blog

“And the Word became flesh and lived among us…” John 1:14a

This is the reason for the season. Scores of books have been written concerning this one line. I have preached on it many times. The foundation of “why Jesus matters?” is wrapped up in this one concept. The Logos — the rationality of God, the mind of God, the cognition of God — this is what became flesh and dwelt among us. In the universal heart of humanity we have asked if there is a God and if so, what is that God like? The Christmas story proclaims loudly, “If you want to see the fullness of God, in the most complete way any human could possibly understand, you need to know Jesus Christ.” If you want to know what God thinks about life, see Jesus. How should we treat others? See Jesus. How should our leaders conduct themselves? See Jesus. How should we treat ourselves? See Jesus. You get the idea. Jesus is the best selfie God has ever taken.

As we celebrate in our wonderful and often whimsical ways, enjoy them AND do not forget why Christmas is such a celebration worthy of the world’s attention.

On behalf of the Wesley Staff, who give their vocational lives in service of Christ with you, Merry Christmas and Thank You for the privilege to serve at Wesley UMC.

Blessings in Christ,
Chris Yost