The Yost Post: August 14, 2019

Pastor's Blog

I am so excited for this back to school and fall season at Wesley! We are kicking off our back to school season, creating new Christian Education opportunities for all ages, the Onward Campaign will soon crescendo and conclude, Pre School and Parent’s Day Out is beginning, then the fall activities Wesley is known for countywide begin. You get the picture.

pack up summer

Be on the lookout for new learning experiences for Children, Youth, and Adults on Sunday mornings. We are adding another Sunday morning learning hour beginning in October to serve our 9:17 worship community. We will also be greatly expanding our learning opportunities throughout the week with a women’s book study, Disciple Bible Study, Bible 101, and Methodism 101. Signups begin this weekend online or in person at the welcome desks.

Our worship and sermon line up for the fall and Advent have me excited too. Beginning in September, we will have four months of themed sermons and worship leading up to Christmas Eve. In September, we will be celebrating our “Team Spirit” all month as we explore the greatest teams in the Bible. In October, we will take some honest and hopefully humorous looks at our human condition (games we play and God’s solutions to them) with “Game Show” month. November we will celebrate the life and legacy of a great social prophet from our own life time Mr. Rogers. We know him for simple things like his iconic sweaters and shoes. In November, we will look deeper into the inspirational Christian witness he shared while exhibiting love and grace to generations of Americans. Finally in Advent this year, we will look at Christmas through the movies.

I want to close today with a word of gratitude. I am thankful to God and the faithful disciples who have made the Alpha class home for several generations. The Alpha class served our church family faithfully and nurtured leaders for all of us. As they have aged and graduated many in their class to the “church triumphant” the class has made the difficult decision that now is the time for them to cease to be a class. It was a hard decision for them. If you see a member of Alpha, please tell them Thank You for their witness, faithfulness, and welcome them to your class if they come by to see you.

Pastor Chris