Pumpkin Unloading Party Update


Sunday afternoon, September 22nd, on the south lawn, I found myself surrounded by the best of people. What started with great weather and excitement turned to long hours and hard work. We have never unloaded this many pumpkins, just over 6,000.

Why do we do it? Why do we put ourselves through the back wrenching pain of unloading over 60,000 pounds of pumpkins and gourds? Why do we build mazes, set up a bounce house, create special Saturday events and staff over 300 hours? Because that is the kind of church and that is the kind of people we are.

We know that people in our community look forward to the Wesley Pumpkin Patch. When summer has beat us down and we are hoping for the cool snap of fall, the pumpkins at Wesley Church gives hope for a changing season. We provide a safe wonderful place for families to relax and take pictures that journal the growth of their families. We have the opportunity to love and be loved by friends who do not yet call Wesley Church home. The pumpkins that we unload cultivate a field for our harvest.

We learned a lot about unloading this year and we are excited to make some improvements for the next. Stick with us. Help us continue to be the church that shines so bright.

To God be the glory. I am both humbled and grateful.

Jeff Cullen
Director of Youth and Families