Pumpkin Patch Salute!


Words feel inadequate to express the work and ministry accomplished through our Wesley Pumpkin Patch. Your efforts and commitments are what made this year most meaningful.

This year, we started by unloading over 6,000 pumpkins on September 22nd. Because our church family is amazing, we were open to the community on Monday the 23rd. In the patch this year we hosted:

  • 5 Field Trips
  • Saturday Meals: Brisked and Pulled Pork
  • Youth Car Show
  • Custom Sign Creations by Texas Freehand
  • Face Painting
  • Pumpkin Decorating and Carving Contest
  • Movie Night (over 120 in attendance!)
  • Bounce House, Maze, and Hay Rides

Some quotes I heard this year while in the patch:

“I look forward to this every year.”

“You really have become an institution here in Greenville.”

“My granddaughter asks me everyday after school starts if the pumpkins are here yet?”

“Thank you for making this possible; it is my favorite thing all year.”

“I can’t believe ya’ll do this for us.”

Wesley – what I want to say is thank you. Thank you for putting in extra effort in an already extra busy life. In doing so we make others’ lives better. Thank you for joining our vision. Thank you for seeing that pumpkins can be a way to make a difference. Thank you for not giving up. When the month grows long and newness wears off – you stick it out and see it through. So what I want to do is say thank you…but thank you just doesn’t seem to be enough.

To our 9th wonderful year, to truly wonderful Christian Disciples of Wesley – SALUTE!