Office Manager Open Position: February 2019

Open Position

Office Manager

This job description is a good faith outline of the nature of the job as it relates to the commitment to serve Jesus Christ and the United Methodist Church.

Interested parties should send resumes to Beverly White, SPRC Chairperson at [email protected].


The preferred candidate for this job has a minimum of two year’s office experience and a welcoming/friendly personality. He or she has basic office computer skills and is willing to learn church database software.


Hours: 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., Monday – Thursday
Pay Rate: $23,000 beginning salary with possible raise after 90 days

  1. Ensure that the Office is Welcoming
    1. Open and close building each day in accordance with office hours
    2. Make coffee as needed throughout the day and clean up before leaving
  2. Interact with Guests and Members with Grace and Patience
    1. Manage walk-in traffic
    2. Welcome guests
    3. Handle benevolence
    4. Take sales calls and meet with sales people as needed
    5. Coordinate building use (per guidelines) for weddings, funerals, etc.
  3. Work Cooperatively with Staff in Support of Church’s Missions
    1. Attend weekly staff meetings
    2. Manage official church calendar
  4. Coordinate Office Volunteers
    1. Invite members to volunteer as needed
    2. Train volunteers
    3. Organize volunteer appreciation lunch at Christmas
  5. Coordinate Building Maintenance
    1. HVAC System
    2. Supervise cleaning service
    3. Coordinate set-up service for building utilization (weddings, funerals, etc.)
    4. Supervise part-time custodian
  6. Manage Office Equipment and Supplies
    1. Schedule vans and handle keys
    2. Oversee copier maintenance and order supplies
    3. Order office supplies
    4. Order worship supplies as requested
  7. Other duties as assigned


  1. The Senior Pastor will supervise the work of the Office Manager.
  2. The Office Manager will provide reports to the Administrative Board as requested.
  3. The Senior Pastor and SPRC will evaluate the Office Manager after 90 days. At the end of the 90-day period, the Office Manager or SPRC may terminate employment for any reason. If it is mutually agreed that the Office Manager stay employed, a pay raise will be given.
  4. The Office Manage may discuss any grievances confidentially with the Senior Pastor and the SPRC.

Benefits/Vacation Time/Sick Time

    1. After 90 days, the Office Manager will qualify for the Wesely Staff 403b program, which pays three (3) percent of his/her salary to a retirement fund.
    2. The Office Manager’s vacation time shall follow the Wesley United Methodist Church Personnel Manual.

Interested parties should send resumes to Beverly White, SPRC Chairperson at [email protected].