Mission of Love 2019

Building a Mission of Love

2019 Mission of LoveOur mission trip to Juarez, Mexico was a success! Our life group, with a total of 21 adults and children, built two cinderblock houses for the Juan-Antonio and Montalvo-Vargas families. Work began first thing Sunday morning — without doubt more physical labor than many of us have done in some time. By late afternoon Monday, we had completed our houses!

This journey contained many highs, which included worshiping with residents of Tierra Nueva, many laughs, and a shared sense of accomplishment that further bonded our life group. Teamwork prevailed through all of our challenges. This experience was both humbling and rewarding.

2019 Mission of LoveThe dedication with both the families and communion in their homes reinforced our purpose of going and being disciples of our Christ. We witnessed firsthand the appreciation these families have, and their daily lives and ministry fed us in return. Our trip was truly an experience none of us will forget.

All was possible due to the generosity and prayers of our Wesley family. Please continue to lift these precious families up as their new lives begin in their new homes. ¡Muchas gracias y Dios la bendiga!